Q: How much water should I be drinking daily?

A: On average, an individual should drink approximately 96 ounces ( or three quarts) of water per day. This is a general guideline, and must be increased significantly if an individual is currently in a fat-loss program, training at a high intensity or residing in a hot climate.

Q: Drinking water makes me bloated and unable to lose weight. Fact or fiction?

A: Actually, proper hydration is essential for weight loss and to make sure your body performs at a high level during your workouts. Dehydration makes your body retain more water and story more body fat. Water also helps with satiety, the feeling of being full (to prevent overeating).

Q: People say that eating after a workout is important. Is that true?

A: Yes, a post-workout meal is crucial! You need to replace the energy you just burned throughout your workout. There is about an hour window to get in a good meal or supplement with a shake. Protein is very important to help your body rebuild its muscle cells that were broken down. Depending on your goals and nutritional needs, there are different ranges of Carbohydrates to Protein…anywhere from 2 Carbs: 1 Protein to 4 Carbs: 1 Protein (measured in grams).